About Us

Our History

The origins of our business could be traced back to the 1960s when the late Mr Yap Lian Loke, the father of Yap Sian Lay, founded Moh Seng and started the business of renting mobile cranes to customers for loading and unloading of cargoes along the Singapore River.

In the initial years, Moh Seng operated its business with one to two mobile cranes. By 1970s, Moh Seng had grown its mobile crane fleet to around six mobile cranes. Our Controlling Shareholder and Executive Officer, Mr Yap Sian Lay, succeeded his father in the business of Moh Seng around 1976 after the latter’s demise.

By 1980s, the business had expanded its fleet to around ten mobile cranes. Our principal subsidiary, Moh Seng Cranes, was incorporated in June 1987 by Mr Yap Sian Lay (our Controlling Shareholder and Executive Officer) and his wife, Mdm Ng Chui Hwa (our Executive Chairman), to corporatise the crane rental business of Moh Seng.

In 2001, as part of the succession plan, the third generation of the Yap family, Mr Jovan Yap, started his career in Moh Seng Cranes as a crane attendant and progressed to assume various junior and subsequently senior positions within the Group. In 2012, Mr Jovan Yap was appointed as the managing director to oversee the entire business of the Group and is currently our CEO.