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We are one of the leading crane rental companies in Singapore. We focus on providing mobile cranes and lorry cranes as they can be deployed easily in a wide range of lifting operations and have short set-up time due to their ability to travel on roads thus eliminating the need for special equipment to transport them to jobsites.

Established a reputation as a reliable supplier of cranes in Singapore in the last few decades for customers in various industries in Singapore. We place strong emphasis on safety and efficiency of our cranes to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. To ensure minimal disruptions due to mechanical failures or breakdown, our maintenance team inspects and services the cranes at our yard prior to the mobilisation of the cranes to our customers’ jobsites. This is to achieve and maintain a high level of responsiveness to customers’ requirements.

We typically rent our cranes to customers on a daily basis or short term basis, thereby increasing the flexibility of deploying our cranes and enabling the Group to optimise the utilisation of our fleet.

We serve a wide customer base operating within the construction, marine, logistics, oil and gas as well as infrastructure industries in Singapore. This strategy of building and maintaining a well-diversified customer base ensures that we are not overly reliant on any particular customer or particular business sector.

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